Worldwide Evil and Misery
The Legacy of the 13 Satanic Bloodlines
by Robin de Ruiter

reviewed by
James Whisler
(posted June 26, 2009)
Author: Robin de Ruiter
Publisher: Mayra Publications
ISBN: 1-889743-72-0
No. of Pages: 351
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Worldwide Evil and Misery: The Legacy of the 13 Satanic Bloodlines - the title a foreshadowing of the most traumatic time yet to be faced by mankind; the subtitle a shadowy hint of the principal iniquitous parties responsible. The book is essentially presented as a work of historical revisionism, guiding us along "a deep and hidden trail of the actual history of the world" and demonstrating how "International Monopolists" are busy tearing down our current world order and simultaneously replacing it with a dictatorial "New World Order." According to the publisher it has been translated and published in more than 100 countries; and even more impressive, it was banned in France! (De Ruiter must be doing something right.) With a promise of such heavy-duty content, what does Worldwide Evil and Misery actually deliver?
    The book weighs in at a little over 350 pages (367 in the hardcover), divided into 50 chapters, which are all variously shuffled into the following sections: The New World Order; Luciferianism; The 13 Satanic Bloodlines; The Descendants of Judah; Backstage of History; Rivers of Blood; In the Name of the New World Order; The War on Terrorism; A Totalitarian World State; & Mind Control. Clearly, the author had the admirable intent of embodying as much applicable information as possible within this single volume. Unfortunately, when dealing with some of the issues most relevant to us all, such as The Complete Control Over All Food Supplies (chap. 10), and Complete Control Over All Raw Material Resources (chap. 11), a two-page chapter and a single-page chapter, respectively, this amounts to little more than preaching to the choir, and even then, only in sermonettes. 
    In this vein, several of the chapters could be thought of as summaries of the multifarious current subplots necessary to the overall global agenda, i.e. reducing and dumbing down the population, undermining the Christian faith and promoting a humanist religion in its place, microchipping everyone and everything, creating a one-world army, controlling the weather, controlling the media, and of course the aforementioned control of all food and natural resources. This info, as presented, would best benefit an open-minded reader who is relatively uninformed on the NWO and desires a working knowledge of it, chop chop. (As this translation does appear hurried in some ways, be advised that there are a number of minor errors, including translational errors, interspersed throughout.)      
   Mr. De Ruiter has additionally included a number of worthwhile narratives of some of the more tumultuous and bloody episodes in history, which unquestionably relate to the overall long-range plan of the New World Order slave state. There are discussions, for example, of the true purposes behind major conflicts and wars of the past and present: World War I, the October Revolution of 1917, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Vietnam, Desert Storm, 911, the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan and the current war in Iraq, and a uniquely intriguing chapter on the apparent murder of Slobodan Milosevic, the Serbian nationalist leader who stood in the way of the globalist agenda. These events were all conspiratorially engineered and, consequently, unnecessary. To cite a memorable quote from the author: "Every war starts with a lie in the media!"
   De Ruiter's treatment of the subjects of Zionism and Judaism, as well as their frequently-contasted WW II-era counterparts of Hitler and Nazi Germany, was a welcome change from the tendentious conclusions found in the typical Western establishment version of history. Hitler's probable Rothschild ancestry is touched on, as is his rise to power, aided by Allied/Western and even Rothschild and Warburg financing, and his involvement - with full knowledge - as a catalyst in the creation of the modern state of Israel.
    De Ruiter mentions the shameful Allied bombing raids that utterly destroyed the historically beautiful but strategically insignificant city of Dresden, Germany, near the end of the war, though the estimated death-toll he offers (330,000) is much higher than a recently appointed historical commission was able to confirm. It seems that in addition to the Dresden faux pas, my high school history books also strangely left out Eisenhower's deliberate and systematic murder of several million German POW's, who were held in post-war open air detainment camps until they finally died of starvation or disease. That particular atrocity is likely being introduced for the first time to many readers, through De Ruiter's book (chapter 31). No, lest we should feel sympathy for the German people and begin to see past the illusory Western media stereotype of the 'evil Krauts,' events like these must generally be suppressed or ignored.
    Instead, we in the West have been held emotionally hostage for over 60 years inside a giant house of cards known as the "Holocaust." This outmoded cock-and-bull story was systematically built up by a cabal of international extortion artists, who are mainly found within the ranks of the World Jewish Congress, the ADL, AIPAC, the Israeli government, and even Hollywood. Yes, that's right, Hollywood! These cowards choose to fight by seeking to outlaw everywhere any open debate on the Holocaust, imprisoning and oppressing knowledgeable proactive revisionists, and releasing a steady stream of propaganda films to drown out the powerful information from such dissidents. Annette Insdorf's book Indelible Shadows lists over 440 Holocaust-related films from 1939 to 2003, and this is not a comprehensive list. Nor has tinseltown shown any signs of letting up since then. (I'm sure the names of some recent movies come to mind for the reader). Thank you Mr. de Ruiter for pointing out that the Illuminati has been right in the center of the shakedown, pocketing plenty of Holocaust money (pp. 215-217). If you are open to any suggestions for revisions in future publications of your book, I would propose a brief survey of some of the ever growing body of evidence (see here, here and here, for example) disproving this left-over wartime propaganda. Dear Lord, may this house of cards fall once and for all.
    The author does summarize Judaism pretty well, including a recital of some of the blasphemous libels "God's Chosen People" had to say about Jesus in the Talmud (ch. 22). This is not a new revelation. Martin Luther himself wrote about it and was subsequently branded an antisemite for it. Luther was somewhat rough around the edges in his delivery, giving his detractors the opportunity to focus on his verbiage rather than the merits of his arguments. (Take note: labeling someone an 'antisemite' for exposing the truth about the mystery cult of Judaism is a maliciously calculated and concealed form of hate speech.) Many people throughout history have testified to the veracity of the diabolical nature of Judaism. Nevertheless, this kind of information should be continually circulated until all Christians are made well aware of the fact that modern Rabbinic Judaism/Talmudism is essentially a continuation of the same wicked Pharisaic spirit that our Lord Jesus Christ and the early church were up against.  Saith Christ to the Pharisees: "Ye are of your father, the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do..." (John 8:44.) Was he being antisemitic?
    Indulge me in a little clarification. All forms of racism are equally satanic. Being antisemitic is no worse than being anti-white or even anti-Eskimo; though by design, it does have much more of a stigma attached to it. Ironically, there is an unbridled racism found throughout the Talmud and other sacred Jewish writings - perhaps enough to rival those found in the likes of William Pierce's neo-Nazi manifesto, The Turner Diaries. Judaics deflect attention from that fact by accusing anyone who speaks out in condemnation of the Jewish religion of actually slandering the Jewish race. This process is lately referred to by some as 'twistspeak,' indicating a clever reversal of the truth. And yet even more ironic, while some of these modern Judaisers may be bloodline descendants of Avraham, Yitzhak, and Yaakov, most of them are assuredly not.
For those who haven't yet heard of the Khazars, they were a fierce, pagan, phallic-worshipping Asiatic tribe of Turco-Mongolian ancestry that adopted the Judaic religion out of pragmatism in the mid-8th century. Russians and other Asiatic nations later drove them out of their vast kingdom, which at its height spanned the Black Sea to the Caspian Sea and (as the map from the Jewish Encyclopedia to the left shows) ran deep into modern Russian territory. Many of them eventually surfaced in eastern European countries like Rumania, Poland, Hungary, and east Germany and are today known as Ashkenazis, which make up a majority of today's world "Jewish" population. 
  Mr. de Ruiter has added his name to the list of those seeking to rescue the important history of the Khazars from escaping down the memory hole (cf. pp. 157-160). He likewise has offered a snapshot of a few specific old-money Ashkenazi banking families. The powerful Warburgs, "the most important ally of the Rothschilds," writes the author, trace their lineage back to around 1000 AD. But they did not rise to prominence in banking until five or six centuries had passed. By the late 1700s they, the Rothschilds, Oppenheimers, Mendelsohns, Goldschmidts, Schiffs  and a number of other likeminded "Houses" were all working together to milk Europe (and the rest of the world) for all they could get.       Around this same time, and not by coincidence, Adam Weishaupt's Bavarian Illuminati was fleshed out, outlawed and consequently forced underground. What many historians fail to recognize in that whole episode is that the Bavarian faction was just the introduction of another phase, perhaps the most ambitious, of a preexisting Illuministic plan for world domination.
copied from Benjamin Freedman's booklet Facts are Facts
   Some of the prominent "Jewish" families involved, such as the Schiffs and Rothschilds, have made dubious claims of being directly descended from the Biblical Kings David and Solomon. (The same claim applies to much of European royalty.) They do this principally for two reasons: (1)from David, in order to facilitate the possibility that the coming 'messiah,' the "Son of David," (not Christ, but the Antichrist) will emerge from their own bloodline; & (2) from Solomon, because they believe that Solomon was perhaps the greatest wizard that ever lived and that his occult power was passed on down to them through the blood.
    In other words, "magic" is hereditary through the blood, according to the beliefs of certain people. (In reality, it is just intergenerational demonic possession: demons give them the power, not 'magic' blood.) These people make up the hierarchy of the Illuminati. And many of these families are not involved in banking, nor are they Jewish. Thankfully, whereas other conspiracy researchers get hung up on an exclusively "Jewish banker" conspiracy, the author successfully navigates around that stumbling block. In the late '90s he collaborated for a while with Fritz Springmeier on researching the most powerful of these occult bloodlines, which are actually drawn from a pool of about 500 families worldwide. Robin discusses at varying lengths the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, DuPonts, Onassises, Russells, Collinses, Merovingian descendants, etc. John Todd, exposer of the Collinses, gets brief but honorable mention.           
   There are many other subjects and points de Ruiter discusses that I regrettably haven't the time to go over, everything from HAARP to AIDS to 9/11 to secret hand signals to the Mark of the Beast & other relevant takes on Bible prophecy. So, I'll wind down this review by first giving what I consider to be the book's chief weakness followed by its most sublime attribute.
  From ample statements provided within, it's easily deduced that Mr. de Ruiter is a devout Roman Catholic. Fair enough. I do not fault the man for his personal faith. However, it definitely appears to have blurred his objectivity while penning this book. For example, while there is an admirable lambasting of Freemasonry diffused throughout its pages, there's nary hide nor hair of a Jesuit, not do I recall a peep about the Knights of Malta, Opus Dei, or any known or unknown Vatican intrigues for that matter. Ritual and sexual abuse are covered, but I recall nothing about paedophilic priests. (Veteran conspiracy researchers are sure to find the silence a little suspicious in a book seeking to exhibit a comprehensive edge.) Moreover, de Ruiter appears to believe that Mother Rome has provided the greatest force of opposition to the New World Order. Case in point: WWII era. He first notes that Pope Pius XI spoke out very strongly against the rising Hitler regime. This means nothing to me and it won't mean much to those versed in the Hegelian Dialectic. How many world leaders intimately involved in the Illuminati plan also railed against Der Fuhrer?
    The author continues by assuring the reader that Pope Pius XII, successor to Pius XI, was actively seeking to thwart all of Hitler's plans. According to Vatican records, he adds, which are normally off limits to the public but which Pope Paul VI allowed a handful of historians to examine, Pius XII was actually involved in a plot to overthrow Hitler (p. 211). And, "During World War II the Catholics saved more Jewish lives than all the other organizations and religions combined," (p.212). (Again, I urge the reader and de Ruiter to search out the historical truth of the alleged Holocaust.) Some, like de Ruiter, argue that Pius XII secretly saved many thousands of Jews from dying in (nonexistent) homicidal gas chambers, while others condemned Pius's silence, asserting that he didn't speak out enough when he knew for a fact that the Nazis were mass murdering the Jewish race in (nonexistent) homicidal gas chambers.
   With books out like Hitler's Pope and the retaliatory The Myth of Hitler's Pope, there is clearly still an ongoing debate concerning whether Pius XII was actually working for or against Nazism. The latter case wouldn't prove anything because the Illuminati was in control of both sides of that war, as they had been in many others. Hello, welcome to the Dialectic. Remember, as the author even acknowledged, Hitler was most likely a Rothschild. Some other facts should be taken into consideration here: Pius XII (Eugenio Pacelli) was from an old powerful aristocratic Italian family of the Black Nobility; according to Guy de Rothschild's memoirs and Lottman's book Return of the Rothschilds, while Pacelli was still a cardinal he had maintained a longstanding letter correspondence with Guy de Rothschild and also had a personal account at their bank, MM de Rothschild Freres; there are additional claims in the book La Popessa that Sister Pascalina, Pacelli's right-hand woman, witnessed Cardinal Pacelli give Hitler "a large cache of church money to aid the rising revolutionary and his small band of anti-communists," though this is disputed today by Catholic apologists. Strangely, Robin neglects to mention any idea of how many Nazis were saved after the war through the Vatican ratlines. Men like Eichmann, Franz Stangl, Klaus Barbie, Ante Pavelic and thousands of other fugitives were aided in their escape from Europe by Mother Rome. According to the flawed but useful book, Unholy Trinity by John Loftus and Mark Aarons, the Nazi smuggling was authorized by Pius XII and overseen by his political advisor, future Pope Paul VI, Giovanni Montini. This evidence was found in the archives of several Allied nations. The Vatican had categorically refused access to these pertinent post-WWII records. I don't know if this is still true today.
    Since de Ruiter has affirmed in the book that he agrees with the Genesis account of creation, it is yet more surprising to me that he is so respectful of Pius XII, considering the fact that it was Pius who issued Humani generis. This papal encyclical effectively (and incorrectly) claimed that biological evolution is compatible with the Scriptural account of the creation of man. Pope Paul II later sustained Humani generis, in addition to adding further postulations to support it. Yes, the Catholic Church is well on its way to blending in with the New World Order, but not only for this reason do I say that. According to WorldNetDaily, John Paul II was invited to attend a Bilderberger meeting in June of 1999. Regardless of whether he was in attendance or not, Bilderbergers don't invite their enemies. In 2004, this same pope called for a New World Order. His successor, Benedict XVI has similarly called for a new world financial order. Both popes have spoken of dismantling the United Nations, which sounds good until you realize that they want it replaced by something stronger, as it's just not doing its job efficaciously. Unfortunately, time is too fleeting for  me to talk of other equally important issues, such as how Rome is THE driving force behind uniting all the world's religions into a one-world religion.  
   The shining moment in Worldwide Evil And Misery came for me near the very end of the book, at chapter 47, 'Josef Mengele and Monarch Mind Control.' De Ruiter has a fairly thorough knowledge of the Monarch program, which he demonstrates through an impressive summary explanation at the layman's level of what it actually is, how it is accomplished, and why it needs to be exposed above anything else. "The Monarch program and the mind control (control of someone's consciousness) of a select few in the society, is the guarantee for absolute secrecy of the plans that are to lead to the worldwide dictatorship of the antichrist," (p. 328). From that and similar statements, I felt as though the author was plagiarizing the very thoughts in my own mind. Secrecy must be maintained at all costs and countless paradigmatic events must go off without a hitch. The factor of human error is reduced to a negligible amount when the humans involved are nothing more than human robots. Yes! Monarch is still in operation, it is not obsolete and, as I've said elsewhere on my website, the Illuminati cannot carry out their world takeover plan without it. Thank you very much Mr. de Ruiter for also drawing attention to these facts. Monarch mind control is their Holy Grail. It is also their Achille's Heel...but only if the secret gets out to enough caring and concerned people.
    Overall, I'd rate the book at 3 and a half stars out of a possible 5. It is worth owning for those interested in prophetic end times, globalist, satanic, Illuminati, genocidal, NWO, mind control conspiracies.